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New version of ‘Yoga Anatomy’ book released

October 31, 2011

One of my favorite things about Tim Miller is watching him diagnose a person’s asana “issues.” It happens during Mt. Shasta retreats in the afternoon “Asana Doctor” sessions and, of course, during teacher trainings. He circles the person — still in a pose — with his hands behind his back, sussing out the issue or, in some cases, issues.

Tim’s able to do this, I suspect, because he has an absolutely amazing handle on the human anatomy. He knows which muscles and which ligaments attach to which bones and which… well, a lot more than I can convey. He knows what each part does and, importantly, how it relates to the various asanas.

For the rest of us, I suspect, we get this information from “Yoga Anatomy,” by Leslie Kaminoff. Now, a new version is out, with new illustrations and new chapters “on muscular and skeletal systems.” Perhaps of the most interesting for Ashtangis: It also includes “expanded information on breathing and the spine.” (I’m thinking more the breathing part than the spine part.)

More information is here.

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