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Tim Miller takes a ‘bullet train to samadhi’

April 18, 2012
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Tim Miller this week is coming to us from Ohio, where he’s trying out a new “intensive” workshop with a little bit of the first three (yes, three!) series included.

Best to let him explain:

Today was day five of a six day teaching gig which began with a weekend workshop for all comers and has continued with a three day intensive specifically designed for teachers. Iʼm trying a new format this year, focusing on the primary series the first day, the second series today and the third series tomorrow. Itʼs a rather ambitious format, kind of like a bullet train to samadhi. My idea was to relate each series to ne of the koshas, so Monday was the anamaya kosha, today was the pranamaya kosha, and tomorrow will be the manomaya kosha. Day one was a large class, today was 25% less, and I imagine I can anticipate the same percentage of attrition tomorrow.

There are a few people at our shala who have some manner of Third Series practice. (By “some manner” I mean I can’t recognize a full, partial, short, etc. Third Series practice from Fourth or beyond.) Seeing what they do, I can imagine that he’s getting some attrition.

Tim’s off next to Virginia for another round of teaching.

Read his whole post for a variety of thoughts on Spring.

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