‘Let’s take a look at it.’

In the early evenings here at Mt. Shasta, Tim does his ‘mat in the middle’: Volunteers take their problem poses to a mat in the center of the room. Tim puts on his ‘asana doctor’ hat (so to speak) and solves the problem. I’ve watched Tim do this for a number of years now, but this time it struck me how focused the room is on the center. While Tim’s got his sleeves rolled up, trying this and that (research poses, PNF work, even now a ‘yoga stick’), the room is watching. Everyone is an intern here, learning the deeper meaning of the practice, eyes watching while a master unravels the issue. It’s shown me yet another meaning to our ‘confluence’: a meeting in the middle with a singular purpose.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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