Of Hanuman and the harmonium

Harmonium via KirtanCentral.com

Another Tuesday, another mention of Hanuman.

But why not? It’s a good way to counteract all the Mars influence, a way to make Tuesday a little less violent and a little less bad.

This past week in Shasta, I gleaned a little more from Tim Miller about which chords he plays on the harmonium for the Hanuman Chalisa. I’d heard them before, but it was before I’d really sat before my harmonium. C-F-G, I knew. But in what rhythm? When do you play each chord? Those questions were still unanswered.

Tim showed me some more on Friday. Tonight, we’ll see if any of it stuck.

But first, a step back. I’m slowly learning the harmonium (via what I’ve found to be a great DVD/book teaching tool via Daniel Tucker at Kirtancentral.com). However, time has not been my friend, and I’m still on scales/sargam. I think playing chords is still two lessons away, if I want to be strict about things.

So I’m going to cheat a little tonight and play with what Tim showed me, just to see if it makes any sense.

Why? Well, as Tim explained in Shasta, we all can probably use a little more ojas — a little more juiciness to help us slide our way through both practice and life. And devotion, as well as good fats, is a wonderful way to encourage more ojas.

While I suspect there will be plenty of ojas going around at the Confluence, I figure it doesn’t hurt to build up some excess in the meantime.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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