Another Ashtanga resource for you

If you have checked out our “About” page (it’s over there to the right, near the top of the page), then you know our mission can be summed up as this:

Be a one-stop shop for all things related, however loosely, to the March 2012 Ashtanga Yoga Confluence.

We’re honing to that, I think, thanks to the qualifier “however loosely.” And we’ll keep at it. Today, we offer up a second-hand one-stop shop for you:

Ashtanga friend YogaRosie has unveiled some tweaks to her site as well as “Ashtanga Yoga Social Media Grid.” You can travel on over to it here. (Yes, we’re on it, and thanks Rose!)

It has a few of the folks we link to, but done much more thoroughly. Twitter accounts, blogs, Facebook, etc. She asks a few interesting questions:

Has use of social media enhanced your practice? Has it helped you connect with like-minded ashtangis? Have you discovered something you might not otherwise have come across?

You should check it out; you might find an avenue into a facet of Ashtanga you hadn’t known about before.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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