Got 2 hours to devote to Hanuman?

It’s Tuesday. Ram’s day but also — by bhakti default, if you will — Hanuman’s.

If you’re unlike me and have two hours and 15 minutes to watch a movie, I might suggest the following:

Mahabali Hanuman, from 1981. According to IMBD, it was written and directed by Babubhai Mistri, but I think far more intriguing is that it stars….

Hercules. As Hanuman. Sadly, I’m not familiar enough with early ’80s Indian movies to know if the funny coincidence of this is at all on purpose. Hercules does play “Wrestler” in another film, IMBD says.

Well, here it is, via Youtube. Watch some, watch all. And where Ravana’s concerned, WATCH OUT!

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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