Full sets of photos from Yoga Gives Back

If you are on Facebook (you are, right? Just don’t give them any personal information!), you can check out photos from a number of the different “Thank You Mother India” events.

A link to the photo page for Yoga Gives Back’s Facebook profile is right here.

It looks like Bobbie and I managed to stay out of the photos of the Los Angeles Omkar108 event — so far. I think another photographer was moving around, shooting. But even then, I believe I stayed under the radar as much as possible.

Two very impressive things about the Yoga Gives Back event. One is that it grew — if I have my numbers all correctly — from the one charity class last year to more than 60 this year, in 11 different countries. That’s a huge leap from one year to the next.

The second, of course, is that all the money goes directly to needy women and children in India. The organization is all volunteers, so there’s not the usual executive director, director of donor relations, etc. salaries to be covered.

In other words, it’s a good cause (if you haven’t gotten that point)!

I heard some talk about next year’s event and what more could be done. Folks were discussing promising and exciting ideas.

My question to you is: What ideas do you have for next year? What more should be involved in the event? What would you like to see? What might make a big, big impact on families in India?

Comment section awaits!

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