Eddie Stern on Iggy Pop’s backbends

Terrific new blog post over at AYNY.

It’s all about Iggy Pop’s backbends, which he did during shows back “in the day.”

Here’s the link (which includes reference to another famous punk). And here’s a little teeny tiny morsel: “Iggy – breath through your nose! And careful of your knees!”

I officially am going on the record to say that Eddie Stern is confounding my preconceived notion of him. While his having this delightful-seeming sense of wry humor doesn’t mean that any of the “he’s super strict, he’s super traditional” reputation isn’t true, it is at the least rendering him in more than just one dimension. Sure, if/when he sees me at the Confluence he might be horrified by my practice and demand to know, “Who is teaching this method?” (I’ll have to lie!). But I’ll be looking to see if there’s that twinkling of humor in his eye, which I’ve come to recognize in Tim Miller.

Following his blog has really made me want to see what Eddie Stern is all about.

I also would agree about the warning about Iggy’s knees.

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