Guruji on Ashtanga, breathing, yoga, our bodies

I’m sure most of  you have seen this, but isn’t it worth watching again and again, every now and then?

Early (for us in the West) Guruji on Ashtanga:

“Yoga means your self-knowledge.”

“More asana, asana.”

“The more asana you do, very good strength and stamina.” (Take that, doubters!)

“Your mind is also correctly standing.” (I wish!)

“95% practice. 5% theory.” (It’s on film as 95/5 … I’m sure it’s elsewhere 99/1.)

“External body. Internal body. Spiritual body.”

“Breathing is very important.”

“Inhalation 10 seconds. Exhalation 10 seconds.” (Did I already say, “I wish!”?)

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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