Freeman: ‘Any amount of practice is better than none’

This week’s “Ask the Expert” by Richard Freeman addresses an issue that, strangely enough, I’m facing myself tonight: to do a short practice or none at all?

Here’s Freeman’s suggestion for when you only have 45 minutes to practice:

If you only have 30 or 45 minutes, a good practice can be to do suryanamaskara A & B a few times each, 2-4 standing postures, 2-4 seated postures (or postures from a series you are working on) and then a full finishing sequence. If for several days in a row you find you have limited time, rotate the postures you include in the sequence you choose to practice so that over the course of several days you have practiced all the postures in the series. That way you don’t avoid postures you don’t like—which is always a temptation.

He adds more about those postures you don’t like, but you’ll have to check the above link to find out what he says. (He also, of course, says what’s in this post’s headline.)

The timing of this post is good as tonight I only have about 45 minutes, at home, to practice. (Good news, it’s actually an extra practice; I was going to go this morning, but couldn’t, and not go tomorrow to a Led class. I’m now going to that class tomorrow and going to sneak in a little practice tonight.)

I was planning to do the other 54 sun salutes I didn’t get to last Friday. Now, I might consider following Freeman’s advice. He probably knows better than I do, after all.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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