The perils of following yoga news: Sex, sex and, yes, sex

Judging by media coverage of yoga, there is one constant to the practice.

No, it’s isn’t increased flexibility and health and strength.

No! It definitely is not an inner peace derived from union with the Divine.

It’s sex. Usually, it is sexual benefits sometime after practice. Not today.

Today’s top piece of yoga news is “Yogasms.” I kid you not.

Apparently, we can thank The Daily Beast for riling everyone up about this. And, the most hilarious part: Yogasms apparently “are on the rise.”

Right, whatever.

But I realize you want some of the details. Here are a few of the more salacious:

Rumors of the elusive yoga orgasm have circulated for years, but recently, teachers and students have begun discussing the phenomenon more openly. Sex researchers are also honing in on the subject: “It’s another way that a woman can bring herself to orgasm without touching herself,” says sexologist Dr. Jeffre TallTrees.


“Students open up to me about it all the time!” says Bonnie Saldivar-Jones, a teacher at Ginseng Yoga in San Diego.

In New York City, a woman who chose to remain nameless talked to The Daily Beast about experiencing a yoga orgasm at Pure Yoga, a fancy studio on Manhattan’s Upper East Side owned by the Equinox fitness chain. “I was in lotus pose, focusing on breathing and lifting the muscles of my pelvic floor,” she said. She wasn’t prepared for what happened after her instructor pressed his body against her back and synchronized his breath with hers, lifting her ribs as she inhaled, and pushing down on her thighs as she exhaled. “I was tingling all over!” she gushed.

The teacher, Marco Rojas, is a famous name in New York City’s yoga circuit. Toned and tattooed, Rojas gives classes that are often packed with women hoping to get some hands-on instruction. He’s not afraid to get up close and personal with his students, giving them a whiff of his patchouli body odor, and quietly urging them in his Venezuelan accent to “lift” this or “engage” that.

But Rojas’s popularity goes beyond his sexy aura. He studied with yoga masters Chuck Miller and Maty Ezraty and teaches a Vinyasa flow derived from Ashtanga, Hatha, and Viniyoga— three different schools of yoga that originated in India. His knowledge of the ancient practice, coupled with his dynamic approach to teaching, has elevated him to near-guru status. His intentions as a yoga teacher are to help students connect to their bodies and their inner selves. What happens beyond that is purely accidental.

“When we work with yoga, we go from the superficial to the subtle. We go inward,” he says. In doing so, one develops a sort of sixth sense, a heightened mental and physical awareness. “I have found that my faithful students have improved their ability to love themselves and ultimately, to give themselves pleasure,” he adds.

One of yoga’s goals is to strengthen the muscles in and around the genitalia, or the mula bandha. It’s like doing advanced kegels, but with an instructor’s guidance and the implementation of specific breathing techniques. Ideally, a yogi engages mula bandha throughout a majority of his or her practice, which is equivalent to heavy weightlifting for the genitals.

Aha! There you have. You knew the root cause had to be mula bandha, right? It is, in fact, the answer to every problem as we always suspect.

I’m probably later going to regret even having posted this, but such a string of other outlets have picked up the story that this one seems bound and determined to bounce around the Internet for the next few days — or more.

My question is (not, not whether you have heard of anyone experiencing this): Why is yoga and sex so unbreakingly linked in Western mainstream thought? The string of yoga + sex stories is steady.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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