Yogi diet: Maybe it’s wheat that makes you flexible

I’m sure you’ve all heard some variation on this story.

Guruji had a pretty notorious sweet tooth, especially for chocolate as I hear the tale told. But that was OK, because “sugar makes you flexible,” he would say.

After a very short experiment — two days nearly — I’m about ready to say that Guruji meant to say: “Wheat makes you flexible.”

Because, man, my hips and psoas and lower back feel stiff. I mean, stiffer than normal.

This has been true for the last couple of practices, and I only really note it because in the few practices before that, I thought I felt a little more flexible. Forward folks seemed a hair deeper, Purvattanasana a bit higher.

And now, ouch. Those are some creaky-sounding joints.

Could it be the blood-sugar rush I’m trying to avoid by not eating wheat?

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

7 thoughts on “Yogi diet: Maybe it’s wheat that makes you flexible”

  1. your’re detoxing, steve! you’ll feel more and more flexi once you’re fully off the wheat and sugar-promise!
    as far as guruji and his chocolate…no comment!;)

    ps. i love reading your little blog everyday!!


  2. diet is very hard. some famous “wizards” (Uri Geller – if it was real that he ate much chocolate in some time-years) – ate much sweet things in definite time or drunken much cafe according articles or their books.
    they got than some abilities to manipulate other peoples sometimes – there are such “black wizards” with extensive expanding direction (not internal peace and than help to some face to face -sincerely) – they want more and more new “pupils” that will feed them with money and praying – feeding of ego. These wizards can express own sexual shortages or ambitions on such pupils: for example – deep fear of some women witch that manage/d such “wizard” in past and as compensation – coming in body of young man “pupil-victim” and trial to injure his sexual field, testicles, energy flows, psyche, consciousness as pseudo help or pseudo help of teacher..
    According Chinese medicine -such sweat things are overfeeding of spleen, stomach gland and stomach – “earth” element. And destroying of harmony of internal energy flows – 5 elements/organs. As compensation of imbalance such people can need attention of other peoples or new many “pupils”. Or alcohol and so can feed earth also… Teacher needs big group of pupils..
    I don’t believe that it is simply so – “eat wheat” and Yo will get flexibility. Sometimes some field of life is touched by me and flexibility is like away – shadow or hidden illness- blockages are touched.
    No meat – no power to exercise or wish of sweat instead of meat. In one famous Yoga House in Germany there was shield for visitors “we are vegetarians” and no meat in meal – peoples came for one day till 1 month or more – Yoga courses – certificates.
    Some peoples ate instead meet – much jam-sweet – whole plate!!! so they fed own brain perhaps, pseudo power for this time and destroyed spleen/stomach/stomach gland – imbalance…
    External vegetaria is nothing real…
    if master beneath and says “eat only wheat” than in order….. it is master and master knows problems of pupil..

  3. May be Guruji wanted give to own students more energy – to support them.
    Such attitude exist – “i give to my pupils/students own energy”.
    It can make ill in psyche and in health – later “i given him so much energy, chi and he is not gratitude”.
    Master can not work on level of pupil – pupil make “rolling in own ego, repeating of mistakes in consciousness, psyche, behavior” and pseudo master gives him new energy only in order to support pupil in life – repeating wrong actions. Master must see mistake and get pupil out from wrong wheel of ego… very hard task…
    I think Guruji was injured at the end – may be visited bad energy dimensions (or some ill thin energy fields were some ill peoples try to manage all peoples in imagination -some visions -away from physical body. so they destroy own country perhaps) – or met witches/black wizards that wanted manage world in own imagination… and they have injured him. So signs of his illness before death say: injured bladder or sexual field, injured throat or vishudha – “no own truth, no truth for own family – only for students or for earth(it is not real)”.
    So to evaluate master is not correct… Master can drink alcohol or eat sweet and pupil can not follow reasons why. and master can lead pupil till definite level despite of sweat: problem no harmony in whole or some big shadows by pupil… health master is health in actions. I didn’t met Guruji – so there is nothing real to say. but if crazy or “blind” pupil think only about no eating of chocolate than it is right also but it can bring nothing in whole..

  4. Stick with it. After the first mysore class I took with my current ashtanga teacher, he came over and told me to stop eating wheat. I thought it was a bit of an odd comment, since he’d never met me before and had no idea what my diet was like. But I thought, hey, he must see something I don’t, so I gave it a try. Two weeks later, untreatable eczema that I’d had all my life vanished. I started becoming more flexible, less stiff, less achey. I wouldn’t go back. Because I’m no longer “carbo loading” I don’t have the sugar highs and lows I used to get — that’s probably what you’re feeling — but the energy is a lot smoother.

  5. I think it is very hard question and nobody can explain it fully – diet. Main thing is simply – Your roof perhaps – Your master that needs that You will correspond to his energies…
    So one master said me: try please apple’s diet (eating of apples only) several day and You will be healed. Try to eat several spoons of these seeds during day and You will be healed. I haven’t got any result! So it was not my master!… bu t he had such exeperience with other peoples, relatives.
    My brother visited some lectures of holy (some woneders of healing with some peoples) people or wizard that practiced earlier 20 years Yoga and had to stop it because of leaving of body occasionally in any situation – his physical body falled on the street sudenly and he watched out of body -according his words. This wizard healed some peoples on their last degree of tumour. So he said to brother also – be vegetaria and so, but haven’t given him list of Yoga asanas with description or link to group for Yoga exercising – he signed him only his pair books… Brother hasn’t got real results – what he wanted – regular problems with skin on face, weak stomach(may be later).
    So some peoples get good results – like physical power, good mood, attitude in life.
    Some peoples get pseudo stupid yellow light in head and appathy, passivity, half dreaming state, stupidity, pseudo surface’s smiling, pseudo enlightment – “everything is clear – pleased yellow light” without any real clarity in life – here is more about sects or bad Guru or bad Qi Gong. They can be vegetaria also and carry white or traditional dresses away from real environment “we are holy… away from world”.
    So may be one people is healthy but has only some psychical block – this people changes itself a little – discipline – no eating of some things and health comes. Other peoples have deeper problems – simply diet doesn’t work…

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