Sunday conversation: Any yoga poses you avoid?

As I was being smushed into Kurmasana and then Supta Kurmasana during Friday’s Led class, a thought whizzed across my mind.

OK, two thoughts.

A dreaded pose, via

The first: OUCH! The second: I know this is a good stretch for me, but I’m hating this.

I have to admit, on days when I have to shorten my practice — or if I go to an Intro class that just goes to Navasana — it is the Kurmasanas I happily don’t do. I am sure my legs are that much higher on that fifth boat.

The rest of the “back nine” of the Primary Series doesn’t fill me with such dread. And I am pretty sure I’m not alone in this. Kurmasana isn’t a “gateway” to Second Series for no reason.

Knowing this, of course, I do try to stay in the pose(s) a little longer; on Friday, I kept trying to wiggle my way a little deeper, likely to no avail.

“Avoidance is not the answer,” I can hear Tim Miller say. So true.

But that doesn’t mean we all don’t practice avoidance a little. Are there poses you are happy to avoid? And how do you try to overcome that attitude when you can?

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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