Yogi diet: Leaving Las Vegas without any wheat

It isn’t as if I filled an inside straight, but Lady Luck seemed to be with me this past weekend in Las Vegas.

I managed to avoid wheat. (I’m not counting whiskey.) No bread, no flour tortillas, no croutons on my salads.

That, I believe, will be big test for this “no wheat for a while” diet.

Yum. From recipepizza.com

Having made it through Vegas, I’m nearly two weeks in. It seems like I should be able to make some pronouncement on how I feel, right?

Here it is: Fine, I guess. Honestly, I’m not feeling a lot different. Maybe my appetite is a bit more even (which, if you’ll recall, was the real reason for this crazy idea to begin with). But I haven’t shed 10 pounds (I didn’t gain any in Vegas, either), I am not bouncing around with tons more energy. And, sadly, I do think I’m a tad less flexible.

But I also am not craving wheat — mainly in the form of bread — at all. And I think that will be ultimate breakthrough and where everything will play out in the end.

Bread/wheat is probably going to end up on my list of “things not to eat.” You know the culprits: fried foods; cheesy/creamy/fatty; sugar. The types that I limit — quite a bit, I suppose — but think I can indulge in every now and then. Walking the moderate path.

Now, I’ll add bread to that. Have it once or twice a month, maybe — but do it right. A really nice, fresh loaf with a few nice cheeses, tapanade, olive oil. Maybe as part of an absolutely delectable sandwich.

But every day? No. Before meals when I’m out? Uh-uh.

And into this once or twice a month rotation I could add pasta or pizza, which I know ought to be really rare.

The key factor: Make it an indulgence. Savor it. Relish it. Make it satisfy so I won’t have any desire for it for another month.

Right now, that doesn’t sound so hard. Two weeks in, and I’m not feeling the pull of the wheat.

Although I may have just talked myself into a few slices of pizza.

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