Timji on a ‘life changing experience’ involving coffee, India, Carol and …. you’ll see

As usual with Tim Miller’s weekly blog posts, I find a lot about them that seems like a tiny window into the teacher I’ve come to know and respect so much.

This time it is that the sweet comes with the not-so-sweet, but in the end it is the sweet that remains. It certainly is how adjustments and practices have gone for me (especially on Fridays! Stupid heart-opening days…).

You’ll have to trust me and give it a read:

On this day twenty years ago I had a life changing experience in India. It was a Friday, and some friends and I had arranged for a car to take us on an overnight outing.


After we descended from the temple, we stopped at a small chai stand to caffeinate ourselves before beginning the second stage of our journey. My friends all had chai, and I had coffee. This is an important distinction in light of subsequent events.


After another urgent trip to the restroom I checked into the hotel along with my friends, Ed and Rosemarie Baker, a young Austrian named Walter and a young woman from Santa Monica named Carol. The Bakers booked a room together and I asked Carol jokingly, “Would you like to share a room with Walter?” She looked at me boldly and said, “Maybe with you.” At that moment all my bravado evaporated and I quickly booked a room with Walter.

That should be enough to give you a sense of where it is headed.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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