Is one of the Confluence teachers coming to a town near you?

Today, the Confluence feels a long ways off.

Part of that, I know, is because it’s been a while since we got down to see Tim Miller. At the worst, we plan to alleviate that during the holidays, take a few days down in San Diego and practice at Tim’s and… do whatever one does when spending some time in San Diego.

Or not. I doubt we’ll go to Sea World or the Zoo.

I was just checking Tim’s travel schedule, and it looks like that plan will work out. And, heck, he’ll even be a little closer, at Diane Christenson’s shala in Dana Point, in early December.

Then I thought: Check all their schedules. So, for all of you, so you don’t have to keep up on the five teachers’ schedules, here’s what I can determine about where they will be in the near future


Tim Miller

January 28, Maya Tulum, his teacher training

February 10, Las Vegas Yoga, Las Vegas (you’d guessed that, right?)

Richard Freeman

February 7, virtual

Nancy Gilgoff

After the Confluence: March 9, Miami Life Center

March 16, Los Angeles

Eddie Stern

February 11, Philadelphia.

March 27, Rio

May 11, Oslo

May 19, Helsinki

July 10, Zurich

Sept. 28, Durham

David Swenson

February 10, Miami

March 16, Kripalu

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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