Tuesday with Timji, Arjuna and Krishna

Bobbie has written before about author Ramesh Menon’s many, wonderful translations and reinterpretations of Hindu religious literature. The Ramayana, the Mahabharata, the Siva Purana. The list, blessedly enough, goes on and on.

It was Tim Miller who introduced us to Menon.

I rank it up there with all the other gifts he’s bestowed on us.

I’m reminded of Menon’s books — and think there may be one on Devi waiting its turn on my bedside table — because this week’s Timji blog focuses on two things: an auspicious astrological alignment and the Bhagavad Gita.

Two quick excerpts:

According to western astrology, Mars will be positioned at 3 degrees Virgo and Jupiter at 3 degrees Taurus. This creates an aspect known as a “trine” (120 degrees), which is considered the most beneficial and harmonious of all types of planetary alignments. Here planets are in signs of the same element—in this case, earth. This is an excellent aspect for any kind of physical activity. It creates an easy flow of energy that enables us to act much more effectively than usual and to take initiatives that demand foresight, careful planning, and self-confidence. Under this aspect our actions are governed by a strong sense of integrity and we have a desire to enlarge the scope of our lives. At this time we have a clear sense of ourselves and can make good decisions regarding fulfilling our true purpose.

There you have the physical facts of the moment. Here’s the more esoteric ones:

Eventually, Krishna delivers the very essence of his teaching, “Offer to me all your works and rest your mind on the Supreme. Be free from vain hopes and selfish thoughts, and with inner peace fight the fight.” Ultimately, we all must act, remembering that things will turn out best for everyone if we do it with wisdom, non-attachment and devotion.

You can click here to get the rest. And should.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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