Tired of the Lululemon-Ayn Rand story? The New York Times has its quick say

Just as things were quieting down on the whole Lululemon pitches Ayn Rand’s theories story, the New York Times over the weekend got around to writing about the yoga dust-up:

The company, which is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, has declined all media requests for comment about the campaign. But in its blog, the company said that Dennis J. Wilson, the company’s founder and chairman, first read “Atlas Shrugged” when he was 18 years old.


Niraj Dawar, a professor of marketing at Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario, speculated that Mr. Wilson might view the bags as an act of “corporate social responsibility.” But Professor Dawar, who also wrote about the issue on his blog, wondered if the shareholders of Lululemon agreed with Mr. Wilson’s fondness for “Atlas Shrugged” and asked if Mr. Wilson could demonstrate that the campaign would improve the company’s financial performance.

“Chip Wilson’s philosophy may not be shared by customers, and there’s little room for these customers to engage in debate, so some of them will express their opinions by walking away,” Professor Dawar said.

The story, I’ll grant you, doesn’t add much to what already had been brought up by other media. But it helped fill the paper over the Thanksgiving weekend. As I mentioned earlier, we’ll see in December if Lululemon sales show any signs of suffering.

Now, I’m off to practice to try to atone for following Galtgate.

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