Here’s some Christmas shopping help, with an Indian flare

Is a post about Christmas presents a strange one for a blog about Ashtanga and yoga?

Maybe, but that doesn’t change the fact the Christmas is very popular in our house. And this year, the altar has flowers and candles galore on Shiva, Ganesha, Hanuman and Saraswati. It’s a tremendous way to bring light and color into your home during the darkness month of the year.

Image via the NY Times

There’s also the whole giving and receiving thing. I might be being less than truthful if I didn’t admit that that plays into it, too.

We’re closing into the final two weeks before Christmas, which may also be known as “panic time.”

We’re here to help. For one thing, as we already mentioned, you could buy a Yoga Gives Back calendar for that yogi who has everything in your life.

Or, you could go a little grander. is like a Gild Group for the Indian minded. Here is how a piece in the New York Times (yes, my go-to resource for news) describes it:

The concept seemed promising: Indians and Indophiles stateside could choose from a range of India-style clothing, art and home furnishings in a flash-sale format similar to’s and receive their purchases in three to five business days.

Maybe you can tell from the word “seemed” that the site had a troubled birth. But it is back, with a slightly less dynamic (i.e. more affordable) website. There still seems to be a ton of selection to meet about any need.

But there’s more. The Times also points to several “rental” outfits that, well, rent outfits and other Indian accoutrements. These include and So if you were thinking about a big yoga-themed New Year’s Eve party, these two sites will have you covered.

Posted by Steve, to Bobbie as a not-so-subtle hint

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