Yoga to the People plan answer to Bikram in minutes, promises news that ‘borders on historic’

Apparently, a little glitch in the electronic filing of Yoga to the People’s response to the lawsuit from Bikram means it will happen around 4 p.m. Pacific Standard Time on Friday.

That’s more or less 12 midnight according to this blog’s clock.

Here are two recent posts from YTTP’s Facebook page:

From this morning:

Today is a significant day in our commitment to keeping yoga in the hands of all people. In 4-5 hours we will file our answer with the courts in regards to the lawsuit filed against us by Bikram Choudhury. With and within in our answer is news that will effect the entire yoga community. The news borders on historic. I have always said this issue was bigger than yoga to the people, bigger than bikram or bikram yoga. on that front, you will be able to celebrate in your hearts. stay tuned on twitter and facebook. thank you for all of the emails, signatures and for keeping this conversation of sacred traditional knowledge alive.


And now, from a few minutes ago:

“Update: Delay in the electronic filing… answer and historic news approximately 1 hour away!”

That gives you time to check out this story from Freakonomics on the YTTP vs. Bikram issue. It suggests Bikram doesn’t have a lot to stand on if someone alters the sequence of poses. Plus there’s this: It says if Bikram’s claims of health benefits from his sequence are true, that may make a copyright totally irrelevant. A patent would be in order.

Wow. Stay tuned. Surely this can’t be over-hyped, can it?

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