Tales from Yogastankia: ‘The aroma of a Mysore room’

There are a few things that can disrupt, upset or, in the worst case, completely ruin a yoga practice.

Pedro at MahaMondo captures two of them in his latest post: loud thudding bodies and bodies that smell.

Bodies that stink may be truer to the point.

Pedro’s description of his Mysore room is near and dear because it is our Mysore room. I promise I was on the far side of the room from Pedro on Sunday, and Bobbie was not there.

Here’s a little taste, er… smell:

As I started into Surya Namaskar  A, it became apparent that it was going to take more than Dharana to get through this class . I could tolerate one of my biggest pet peeves to the right , the “Thudder ” , an intermediate practitioner / acrobat who was making no effort to muffle the sounds of his landings.

The biggest yogic challenge was wafting to my left , a person who was oblivious of his own stench & pungency. And the more he practiced , the fouler the air reeked around us.

You’ll have to head over to MahaMondo to find out what happens. Do keep in mind that Pedro has a wonderfully focused and intentional practice. So this must have been bad.

Lesson? As my first Ashtanga teacher would say: “Don’t be stinky.”

Pedro titles his blog “Tales for Yogastania,” aka Santa Monica, CA. I think “Yogastankia” in this case is more apt.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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