On Mysore bloggers and photos of your guru

Fellow blogger Serene Flavor earlier this month rightly pointed all Ashtangis in the direction of the folks who are blogging from Mysore.

That, in turn, led me over to Claudia’s blog, where she lists a few of those bloggers. (And Serene Flavor’s newly coiffed blogger especially points to this one.)

The thing I noticed in common with this blogs is a definite focus on Sharath’s Conferences. Not too surprising, I don’t think: Sharath’s talking would be something easy to translate into a blog, likely easier than explaining that strange feeling during Urdhva Dhanarasana…

Tim Miller, from the Ashtanga Yoga Center website

I also notice that much of what I’ve read recounting the Conferences sounds awfully familiar. I’ll take that to mean my time with Tim Miller (mostly), David Swenson, Annie Pace and now Jörgen Christiansson has been productive and that they all do a great job of passing what they learned from Guruji on to their students.

We all should be (and I’m sure are) grateful for that.

Serene Flavor has another post up that I found interesting. In it she wonders if anyone has pictures of Sharath in their shalas or on home altars. Thus far, those answering her say, “No.”

One answer in particular struck me. It suggests that people don’t consider Sharath a “guru” yet, and thus it still is only Guruji’s picture that’s up. And then the person writes: “[I]t’s like I wouldn’t have a photo of Tim Miller on my altar. Usually I think it’s a photo of the “source” of the teachings.”

Funny. Because there is a picture of Tim on our altar at home (in fact, this one), and I have a picture of him in my office. (A signed copy, no less!) But Bobbie and I do consider him our “source.” Both of us have spent, I’d wager, a month or two in “more serious” time with  — i.e. trainings and retreats — and have received an immense amount of knowledge, understanding, learning, faith, belief and conviction from the time. Tim absolutely deserves a place on our altar.

Could a photo of Guruji fit? Yes. I recognize, of course, how he’s “the source of the source,” if you will. And we honor and respect him. But Tim’s the teacher and Guru for us.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

One thought on “On Mysore bloggers and photos of your guru”

  1. Funny, on the altar where I teach (and at home) we have a picture of Tim and Guruji together. One of the hearts of Ashtanga has for more than 30 years beat clearly and loudly in Encinitas.

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