For the new year, it’s going to be all about the breath

Too early for a new year’s resolution post? Maybe. But I thought I’d give myself a week to test drive my main yogi resolution: focus on my breath.

We know the breath is the point of Ashtanga. (Yes, there are a few other “points”: bandhas, dristis.) But, as with how easy it is to forget how you should be doing Chaturagas, maintaining that deep uijay can be a challenge. (I say that judging from the sounds I have heard over the years in Ashtanga rooms and other yoga classes.)

I know it can be a serious challenge for me when my hamstrings are screaming, “Stop!”

I’m going to try to stop, indeed. Stop listening so much to other parts of my body and instead focus on my breath.

Full, slow inhale. Complete exhale.


And if it doesn’t go well this last week of 2011, I can always do a quick swap-out on resolutions. More harmonium playing, perhaps?

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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