A little bit of blog house cleaning

It’s still relatively close to the start of the new year, the time for resolutions and changes. And it also is now just two months until the Ashtanga Yoga Confluence.

As a result of that confluence of events, we’re going to be making a few minor tweaks to the content here. Basically, it comes down to this:

More Ashtanga. In fact, almost all Ashtanga.

Over the holidays, as Bobbie and I talked, two things became clear:

  1. Our goal when we started this blog — besides highlighting things related to the Confluence — was to fill in a space we thought to be missing: something on Asthanga that we’d like to read.
  2. We’ve often fallen away from that goal.

I’ll admit that on the second point, almost every time we did, it was my fault. I blame my old journalism roots and the drive to post regularly. (Also to blame: that I have a job that has me in front of a computer too much. I will say I  like the “yoga news roundups,” as I think it is interesting to see how and where yoga gets mainstream coverage, but that is a wider net than we really intended.)

Tim Miller teaching Bobbie.

And so, between now and the beginning of March, we will hone our focus more narrowly. Ashtanga, Confluence teachers, Ashtanga, practice and some — maybe 1%? — theory and philosophy.

Our intent is to provide content here you won’t find elsewhere (unless we are highlighting content on purpose, as we do with Tim Miller’s weekly posts, and the like). Where we veer off, we will make sure it circles back to Ashtanga. (I have a post in mind already that fits that description.)

What about after the Confluence? We’ve gotten that question, and it is our intent to keep the blog going. Will it change again? Maybe. But change is a good thing, right?

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

3 thoughts on “A little bit of blog house cleaning”

  1. I’ve been away (positive!), and then I’ve been sick (negative!). Anyway, this is coming a little late, but for the record, I always enjoyed it when you guys veered off. You always had an interesting take — or at least shared some news bit that I for one wouldn’t have had time to catch myself. No matter what tact you decide to take between now and the Confluence, I know I’ll continue to enjoy reading your stuff.

    1. “Been away” really doesn’t do “I went to Florence” justice. 🙂

      And… since you’ve highlighted the Lululemon story, I have to veer off a little given all the coverage I provided it.

      And I’m sick now too. 😦

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