Sunday conversation: Where to go beside Mysore?

It's a really, really big place.

This past week, we joined the online conversation about going to Mysore. Yes? No?

Something I’ve noticed bubbling under the surface of the discussion seems to be this question: If not Mysore, then where? (And, by extension, with whom?)

We’ve obviously hitched our wagon to Tim Miller. This summer there will be extended time with him again, one way or another. (Details to be worked out following intense negotiations.)

Are there are other places to go, though? Other teachers hidden away somewhere worth a week, or two, or three?

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

7 thoughts on “Sunday conversation: Where to go beside Mysore?”

  1. I’ve been thinking along similar lines, if not Mysore then where. Mysore’s got too big, surely that’s something nobody can disagree with. Where to capture something of those early days, we read about. Encinitas ? Has it become as bad as Mysore now? Are we stuck with workshops where the numbers can be kept down and get to practice all day but even then …it’s a workshop. Would love to practice with Manju for a month but looking at his schedule he seems to never stay in one place for longer than a week,except for Encinitas. Encinitas again, practice with Manju, with Tim…. it’s a thought. Hawaii?

    1. We talk about Encinitas — after all it’s Tim’s is exactly 100 miles from us. If Bobbie were to do a teacher training again with him, could I go down, practice in the morning, then lay on the beach, surf, wander, read, the rest of the day? Yeah.

      But what I worry would be missing is the full immersion — OK, now I’m writing myself to my point, or writing myself to thinking clearly — and it is the full immersion I think I am talking about. (Is that a positive way to describe the Mysore Circus? Maybe.)

      Tim’s Shasta retreats are pretty close — practice, time in nature, talk about the practice, philosophy, maybe some Chalisas. I suspect a third trip to Shasta would be more “involved” than the previous two.

      And I understand your thoughts on something being a “workshop.”

      1. Exactly it’s that full immersion aspect I’m talking about too. Manju has a two week workshop in Crete for example, numbers kept down to around fifteen I think, calls it a teacher training but if you put that to one side your just getting all day With Manju. Mysore practice in the morning, chanting, working on postures, Primary and intermediate adjustment etc. and I imagine, philosophy, the background to the practice at least and stories, I’m sure, thrown in. Wish he would do it for a month, two weeks feels a little short. I’m tempted.
        Have you seen Anthony Gary Lopedota’s website

        He has loads of wonderful photos of when Pattabhi Jois came to Hawaii to teach, very small group setting and I think he was there for a few months, that’s what I’m looking for I guess.

      2. I have seen Gary’s site (if you didn’t see it, I posted something he wrote in response to Kino M; it’s the “Who has done all of the Ashtanga series” post).

        Anyway — the Manju time in Crete sounds good. I wonder if it is at the place of someone we know (via Tim)…

        Finally, we also posted how Nancy is following up the Confluence with a week’s “adjustment workshop” here in LA. It isn’t quite what either of us are talking about either, but it sounds pretty close. Mysore with Nancy and then three hours or so talking about the practice. Given her reputation as an adjuster, that should be good. (Bobbie’s going — it’s happening during her week off from teaching!)

        You just gave me an idea… but as a fellow blogger, you’ll understand if I ruminate and put it in a post. 🙂

        Thanks for the near real-time discussion.

  2. I’m about to go to Mysore for the first time in just 20 days from now! I’m really excited, but I also asked myself the same question… If I should go to Mysore or not and If not, where?.. (Im from Peru, so we are pretty much quite far from Mysore or any experienced teacher)
    So I actually bought my ticket to India for two months in Mysore and after that I’m going to Bali, Ubud, to the Ashtanga Yoga Bali Research Center or Ashtanga World of Prem and Radha, that is a 50+ years of experience in Yoga combined.. And they have regular Mysore classes all year long, almost like in KPJAYI
    Luckily I am going to experience the Mysore “magic” and also a more intimate and “old school” Ashtanga practice in the next three months. I always wondered how was practicing with Guruji in a small group and I think Prem and Radha have that intimacy and energy of the old Mysore Shala, also because they knew Guruji for decades, Prem is actually of the generation of Tim Miller (whom I would like to meet hopefully next year in Tulum’s teacher training) and because they also practice Ayurveda and Tantra.
    So maybe in three months I will be posting my experience and the benefits of going to Mysore and practicing with Sharath and also the experience in a smaller “intensive old school” practice in Ubud with Prem and Radha.

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