Eddie Stern responds to Times article on yoga wrecking your body

I have a response to the New York Times article midway done (things have gotten in the way of being online). I’ll have to determine if I have to re-think it after reading Eddie Stern’s take. A few excerpts:

There are a couple of obvious reasons why there are so many injuries in yoga. First, perhaps, is overzealousness on the part of the student – this is a natural response for a particular type of person when it comes to any activity that has physicality associated with it – no matter what a teacher may caution.

The second is more troublesome, and that is the value system that forms the basis of the yoga ‘industry’ in America; a model that for all intents and purposes is based on economic incentive. Sounds cynical of me? As a five-billion-dollar-a-year product oriented industry, it would be hard to argue otherwise. America is good at jumping at opportunities – and when it comes to making the holy dollar, no cow is too sacred to be sacrificed in the West.


I miss the early days when I was first doing yoga in NYC, in the mid- to late 1980′s. The feeling of freshness, of being clean and free, of feeling that a whole, new world was opening in me. There were no products for sale, no fifty types of yoga mats, just a towel and some cut-off sweatpants to practice in, or a pair of white, cotton ‘yoga’ pants that I could buy on Bleecker St. for $5. I still feel that freshness when I practice, and I love that – but when I look around at what is happening with yoga in America, I can’t help but feel sad.

Stern, being right there in the Times’ background, I’m sure is used to its obsession with all things yoga. I’m sure that doesn’t make it any less tiresome feeling like he has to respond.

But, as always with Stern, it is deeply thought out. Well worth the read.

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