Here’s an answer to the Ashtanga in Helsinki question

Fellow Los Angeles Ashtangi (and in her case, teacher) Jodi Blumstein provided an answer to our earlier question about why there are so many authorized Ashtangis in Helsinki.

I can sum it up in two words: Lino Miele.

It is a bit more complicated than that, and other teachers were involved that studied with or worked alongside Lino, notably Gwendoline Hunt. But Helsinki was among the places to which Lino spread Ashtanga. And, as we noted, Guruji did include Helsinki on his European tours.

As Jodi pointed out to me, Lino was an obvious missing element to my dream Ashtanga retreat. He was definitely in the mix, though, I just — in my pseudo-trying-to-be-realistic effort — figured getting him from Italy to Hawaii might be a bit much.

But I’ve heard terrific things about him, including from one of his students who was at Tim Miller’s Tulum retreat a year ago.

Speaking of retreats, Jodi, you might recall, is the organizer behind Nancy Gilgoff’s post-Ashtanga Yoga Confluence workshops in Los Angeles. There’s the week-long adjustment clinic, but for those who maybe can’t get that much time free, Gilgoff also is leading a weekend workshop — more traditional-sounding — the weekend of March 16-18. Here’s the schedule:

3 Classes in 3 Days
Friday, March 16th 6 – 8PM
Saturday March 17th 9AM – Noon
Sunday March 18th 9AM – Noon
$150 for the weekend

You can contact Jodi at shantishala at gmail dot com. Or find out more at her webpage.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

2 thoughts on “Here’s an answer to the Ashtanga in Helsinki question”

  1. No please do not give the credit to Lino Miele. He has little to do with the background for the success of ashtanga in Helsinki, although he has profited quite a bit from it. Give the respect to the right persons, the two friends Juha Javanainen and Petri Raisanen.

    Lino travelled to many many places in Europe in the 1990s, tirelessly introducing lots of places to ashtanga, but out of those only the Helsinki scene grew so big. As an example, just look at Rome where Lino has his home base and see the difference. The big Helsinki ashtanga scene is thanks to those to two guys who have by the way both been doing ashtanga as long as Lino has. They first learned from Derek Ireland in Crete. They have been hard working and very dedicated in spreading the ashtanga tradition and this, in combination with a great organizational talent and probably some other factors, are the reasons you are looking for.

    The reason for Guruji and Sharath going to Helsinki is of course the solid ashtanga scene, NOT the other way around.

    1. Jodi mentioned both Juha and Petri as well.

      I take it from you write that you think they might be a big part of the reason that the seed Lino planted sprouted so strongly in Helsinki. Something certainly did — I suspect there’s a lesson there for others looking to grow Ashtanga communities.

      Thanks for the comment.


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