Tim Miller on Mars Retrograde, a small class and agni

Very quick digression before we get to the main event.

One of the little joys I’ve gotten from this blog has been how it has forced me — perhaps I can put that more positively and say, “instilled discipline” — to follow the five Confluence teachers more closely.

And so I’ve read things by and about all of them. It has helped me develop a sense of them, a picture, my own particular portrait. It may be far off from the truth, but it’s something, and it is something against which I will be able to measure them in March.

Tim Miller was no stranger, luckily enough. And I had been reading his “Tuesdays with Timji” well before this blog began. That doesn’t make them any less wonderful. They are particularly so when they crack the window on Tim and provide a sense of his sense of humor, his humility and his perspective on himself.

This week’s does that — and much more. I’m just a sucker for the “oh, that’s so Tim” moments. Such as:

This morning at 7am, like every Tuesday morning at 7am for the past thirty years, I rolled out my yoga mat in preparation for doing the First Series. Typically 20-25 people show up to do it with me—today there were 8. “What’s going on?” I wondered out loud. “Where is everyone? This is really bad for my self-esteem—normally I have a 10 person minimum,” I joked. (two more students did show up a few minutes later) Then I remembered that Mars turned retrograde yesterday evening, so I could blame the energy of sinister planets rather than thinking that I’m losing my appeal in my old age.

That’s right, folks. Mars has turned retrograde, again — and will in fact remain that way through and beyond the Confluence.

It’s not all bad, though, as Tim’s post points out. If nothing else, it is a great excuse to re-read the Ramayana.

But first, make sure you read Tim’s latest. And watch your agni!

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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