If it’s Saturday, we must be in Maya Tulum

Today, Saturday, Jan. 28, is the first day of Tim Miller’s teacher training retreat in Maya Tulum, Mexico.

A year ago, it was me getting on a plane, yoga mat in tow, and heading for Cancun.

The beach out front of Maya Tulum

Today, it’s me asking: Why aren’t I on a plane to Tulum again? The answer may range from “I’m stupid” to “I’m really stupid.”

Bobbie and I have talked about our both going together — we’ve gone separately, she in 2008 and I in 2011. For both of us, the trips were amazing.

I won’t try to wax too poetic about it. I’m not sure words do it justice.

Instead, then, a quick list of what I remember, what still stands out:

  • The people. The group of 25 or 30 was full of some wonderful and amazing people, several of whom I’ve kept in touch with — and it’s been a year. I know a few, at least, are coming to the Confluence. I hope we repeat the night out drinking tequila.
  • The water. One of the best Savasanas ever was a “continued” one — done in the practice room and out straight onto the sand for another while and then into the water. (I also realized toward the end of the week that there was better bodysurfing down the beach. Some fun shore pound.)
  • Being barefoot. I wore shoes twice all week. Once to go to the ruins and the other time when we went out to a nearby bar. And the latter of those I was overdressed with shoes on. (And by shoes I mean sandals.)
  • Wearing not much else, either. Shorts, bathing suits, T-shirts. Simple.
  • The food. I have to throw a plug in for the awesome, mostly vegetarian and always fresh cuisine. I was even able to stay mostly raw.
  • The total change of pace. Tulum for this beats even Mt. Shasta. Everything slows down. You’re thinking about your practice, you’re open to the experience, you’re aware of your surroundings. Or at least I was.
  • The Mahabharata. I finished reading Ramesh Menon’s version while there. Bhisma’s death scene was enthralling and deeply moving.
  • And, of course, Tim. All those reasons why would be another blog post — or even another blog!

OK. Hold on. I think I need to run and catch a plane.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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