Debating whether to return to Tulum with Tim Miller

Bobbie and I have been talking all weekend about Maya Tulum.

Should we go next year? Why didn’t we go this year. Could we really go both to Mt. Shasta and Tulum during the same year?

We don’t know yet.

Tim Miller
Tim at a recent teacher training.

I’ve been trying to nail down what, precisely, the difference is between the two. In Shasta, one of the attractions is that Tim is, also, on vacation — more or less. He still leads practice in the morning and runs “Asana Doctor” in the afternoon, and he’s the de facto leader of hikes.

It’s definitely more relaxed.

Well, sort of. Because it may be impossible to get more relaxed than Tulum. If you want, you never have to put on shoes, you never have to go much more than a few hundred feet and you’ll have your yoga room, your palapa, the beach, the water, food. Everything you need.

I don’t know if it says more about me than about either trip, but what really is standing out is: I still have my car in Shasta. That seems to represent that as isolated as the Shasta trip is, you’re still here. With Tulum, you are gone, gone, gone.

My argument for Shasta has been all the friends we’ve made. The argument for Tulum: It’s something new. (Well, new for both us together.)

In short, we don’t know. At one point, we were for sure going to Tulum. (Well, unless some trip to India materialized.) Shasta? Well…

I know it made me look back at my photos from Tulum. This Facebook album should be viewable. If not… umm… I don’t know what to tell you! Maybe: Go yourself!

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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