A few more reviews of ‘The Science of Yoga’

For those debating whether to read the new, already controversial book on yoga, “The Science of Yoga,” by William Broad, here’s a selection of reviews:

  • The Los Angeles Times: “Some practioners think of yoga as a path to enlightenment. This book can be enlightening for yogis and nonyogis alike.”
  • About.com: “But maybe because my own wound still smarts, I got no pleasure from Broad’s naming names and taking individual teachers to task for their past errors. It’s as if he doesn’t believe in the inherent interest of his own scientific material. The serious nature of the book as a whole is undermined by the journalistic urge to heighten the story by pitting the good guys against the bad guys, and creating drama where none is required.”
  • itsallyogababy.com: “As a community, we are also given choices about how to perceive this book. We can choose to write it off as anti-yoga hype and get defensive. Or we can choose to listen to what Broad has to say about the potential of yoga, and then act on it.”
  • elephant journal: “The book is written with a bravado that provokes in places, to be sure, but I don’t get the sense that William Broad is trying to lay down the law of yoga. I think he is writing to get our attention, and it works.”
  • libraryjournal.com: “Broad’s unbiased presentation of yoga claims, supported or refuted by scientific studies, helps readers attain realistic goals and practice safely. Informative, entertaining, and highly recommended.

And then finally, the book’s own webpage.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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