Sunday conversation: The most difficult Ashtanga asana?

Last week, I suggested — along with plenty of others — that Savasana is the toughest pose in yoga and Ashtanga.

I have a few reasons for thinking this; they perhaps all can be summed up by suggesting that it is easier to tense and focus yourself outward than inward. That’s the crux of the trouble.

But maybe it isn’t the toughest asana for you. Perhaps relaxing and Pratyahara are relatively easy for you. Perhaps the tough one is just the “next” one in your series that you’re working on, still.

Or is it Kapotasana? Do we all, really, agree on that?

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

One thought on “Sunday conversation: The most difficult Ashtanga asana?”

  1. Savasana is the hardest!

    I have to admit my love of Kapotasana because, more than savasana, my mind shuts down completely there. There is an awareness there, but sometimes, my thinking mind is gone in Kapotasana.

    And, in that brief taste of true quiet, when All is just breath….the breath, the inhale, the exhale, awash over me and through me….the “drastuh svarupe vasthanam” – the Seer abiding in it’s Own true Nature – arises for a moment. And, with that abiding and arising, bliss.

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