Ashtanga Yoga New York revamp all complete

I haven’t seen any pictures yet, but I’ve heard that the renovated Ashtanga Yoga New York / Broome Street Ganesha Temple looks awesome. Eddie Stern announced the completion at AYNY’s website on Sunday:

The newly renovated and elegantly upgraded Ashtanga Yoga New York and the Broome Street Ganesha Temple re-opens today, February 19th, on the occasion of Maha Sivaratri. Please join us in celebration from 4:30 pm this evening until 5 am tomorrow morning.

We will be closed on Monday, for President’s Day (and to recover) and Tuesday is the new moon.

Thank you all for your patience during the past four months!



While looking for photos, I went to the Temple’s Facebook page, and while I didn’t find any, I did see this, which I thought was worth passing on. It’s a comment on the Temple’s Wall; I’ll keep the commenter anonymous:

i was hiking deep in the mountains in marin, cali yesterday + a rare passerby stopped me because of my broome street temple t-shirt. she had been there. thought that was pretty darn neat 🙂 ♥

I will likely be unable to resist buying a t-shirt if Stern brings them to the Confluence.

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