Ah, sweet Moon Day. And they just keep getting sweeter

Just about every Moon Day that comes along, I have the same thought: “This is the sweetest Moon Day yet.”

The inconstant moon

Today, I’m thinking the same thing. After two days of Jörgen Christiansson really wailing on me — and I know two days is nothing, really, a mere trifle — my hips, hamstrings, shoulders, my everything can use the rest.

Would that I had gotten to sleep in, but a work trip has me heading to the airport for a quick up-and-back to San Jose. Still, I’m able to let my body rest, at least.

I suppose we must subconsciously work the rest days into our effort level. Knowing that the extra day is on the horizon is a motivator, right? We build up through a two-week cycle in some sort of Ashtanga sine wave. It’s all about timing it properly. And that works until the Moon Day sneaks around and lands on a Saturday and suddenly you don’t get that extra day.

Of course, being a good Ashtangi, I’m not actually taking the Moon Day off. But it’s only because Wednesday morning I have an early morning meeting — about 7 a.m. and 50 miles away — so I can’t make it to practice. And so instead, I’ll go to Bobbie’s Led Intro class tonight, figuring the change there is enough of a break, especially combined with a real rest day tomorrow.

Although, again, another rest day that doesn’t involve my sleeping in at all. That’ll have to wait until Saturday.

(It turns out I’m not the only one pondering today’s Moon Day. Rose has a whole series of thoughts right here.)

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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