The biggest yoga story of this week is Russell Brand

I can tell you what the biggest story of the week isn’t. It isn’t anything to do with that other A-yoga. (I’m a bit baffled that there hasn’t been more coverage as folks have gone on the record with all that’s happening there. Especially curious is the New York Times’ silence, given it did a big magazine piece on that A-yoga and its leader.)

No, the mainstream media’s fixation on yoga boils down to one, OK, three things: Russell Brand, one woman he was seen going to a yoga class with and a second woman he went to a yoga class with.

Seriously. Throughout this week, the “yoga” Google alerts have been filled with gossipy stories about the Englishman (but living in LA) and his post-Katy Perry life.

(Baba Ramdev is a close second.)

Now, I won’t try to pretend these stories are substantive in any way, shape or form. I’m purely going on number of mentions of the word “yoga” to define the biggest story. (That seems fair, though, doesn’t it?)

I’m certainly not sure they are reinforcing the best image of the practice. Although, gossip blogger Perez Hilton reports of Brand: “The good news is that he’s trying to improve himself by doing meditation and yoga twice a day. He also just recently got a tattoo that ‘reminds him to be truthful at all times.'”

So maybe I’m wrong. Maybe a huge focus on Brand’s yoga-fueled love life will spread the word of yoga, and how it can improve lives, to millions.

Err… millions more, I mean.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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