Weather update, and how we are all — all — connected

OK, Confluencers. I know a few of you already are in San Diego — and the ones I know, at least, are dropping into Tim Miller’s today and even tomorrow — so feel free to let me know if our latest weather report is right:

Maybe a bit nicer than what was being predicted earlier in the week. Sort of.

There now is a chance of rain today and tomorrow, with temperatures topping out in the mid-50s, and lows dipping toward 50. But as we head into the weekend, it looks to be nicer: sunny, temps into the upper 60s with lows venturing into the low 50s.

Keep in mind, it’ll be warmer inland. I talked to someone in San Diego yesterday who was hearing it would be in the 70s. But by the beach, it will be cooler and likely cloudier. So toss your stylish Prana jacket in your bag.

And, on the eve of our getting together, I thought it apt to pass on the following video. In it, physicist Brian Cox explains how everything is connected to everything.

If that’s true, why am I killing myself with all this yoga? Oh, right: Because learning quantum physics is even harder.

Enjoy. Ruminate. And we can discuss over drinks tomorrow night:


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