One Mysore down…

Quick check-in.

The Mysore room had terrific energy. It was full, people with all levels of practice, and hard-working teachers moving throughout.

This morning it was Tim Miller, Eddie Stern, David Swenson and Nancy Gilgoff. Richard Freeman was running the Led in another room.

The teachers all moved through the room. I tried not to watch, maintaining something approaching a dristi, but they all do seem to have that same Guruji-like way about them as they access and process the students around them.

It felt like everyone was bringing their A game.

I’m happy to report that all the intense morning practices with Jörgen Christiansson seem to have done at least one trick: I survived pretty unscathed. In many ways, despite boosting things to match the energy in the room and all the teacher shakti, that was among the “easier” practices I’ve had in the past month.

We are off to find some sustenance. (We’re a little leery of giving away where to avoid lines. Yes, selfish yogis!)

Quick addition from Bobbie: She thought the teachers worked hard and really worked the room. She’s impressed. (Eddie Stern also told her “Nice Ganesha” about her tattoo during a forward fold.)

I’m having a little trouble getting photos to upload. It may be my ancient computer. Hopefully we’ll figure that out.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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