Sunday conversation: What was your highlight from the Confluence?

OK… a little admission. We can see all the people who have liked us on Facebook and followed us via WordPress. We know you’re out there!

So… this question goes to those gathered here in San Diego. But the answers are meant to be shared with readers we have — literally — from all over the world:

What was your highlight from the Confluence?

Something that happened during a practice? A particular adjustment? Eddie Stern’s puja? (That it is in our running.) A word or metaphor Richard Freeman used to describe backbending?

And, yes, we know it isn’t quite finished. Tell us the highlight so far and come back later and tell us more!

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

One thought on “Sunday conversation: What was your highlight from the Confluence?”

  1. I had many favorite moments:

    1. Watching the interactions between the senior teachers- seeing how they bounced insights and jokes off of each other. The combination of experiences and perspectives provided for rich discussions. I could’ve listened to them talk forever.

    2. I received several all-star adjustments from each of them. David Swenson beamed at me after my humble and stiff attempt at drop backs, “good job,” he grinned. More smiles in Supta K help from Eddie Stern, “ah, Supta Kurmasana. Yes, I’ve heard of that one.” Witty as always, that one. And adjustments from Tim Miller- firm yet gentle- everything locked into place.

    3. Being a student along with my teachers and watching the senior teachers become students of each other (David Swenson was also in Richard Freeman’s backbending workshop- giggling like a schoolboy at the metaphors along with the rest of us).

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