Quick roundup of Ashtanga Yoga Confluence coverage

It appears folks are getting back to their normal routines following the first Ashtanga Yoga Confluence.

That includes getting back in front of their computers and onto their blogs. Reflections on the weekend are beginning to appear.

We’ve had our coverage here, of course (just scroll down our home page). Here’s a list of a few others we’ve seen:

  • If you didn’t already see it, Tim Miller had some post-Confluence thoughts.
  • Rose at YogaRose.net has had several posts. A few include video.
  • Maria at Serene Flavor (Flavorful, I’m never sure!) also has several posts.
  • Heidi Schubert has her impressions all in one post. She, too, is a student of Tim Miller.
  • Our friend Maria Zavala — who wrote about her impressions of Tim Miller — has a Facebook album of photos.
  • And, of course, Michelle Haymoz — who was kind enough to provide us some of her photos — has plenty, too.
  • Addition: To reiterate the comment below, Christine from Ashtanga Yoga Gainesville posted her thoughts.
  • Addition No. 2: A nearly hour-long video of the five Confluence teachers talking about yoga and daily life.
  • Addition No. 3: Also from a comment below, Wandering MB’s first of more promised posts.
  • Addition No. 4: Deborah Crooks, complete with earthquake!
  • Addition No. 5: Yoga Journal (with Michelle photo!).
  • Additon No. 6 (on Saturday): Facebook page of the Confluence’s official photog — more photos apparently to come, according to the comments below.
  • Addition No. 7 (late Sunday): Rose (linked to above) tackles a Led class by Nancy Gilgoff and posts links to a variety of Confluence-related blogs and resources.
  • Addition No. 8 (on Tuesday): Wandering MB’s second promised post.

I’m sure there are others. Feel free to let us know about them.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

10 thoughts on “Quick roundup of Ashtanga Yoga Confluence coverage”

  1. Hello Everyone,

    Thank you for letting me buzz around with my camera and capture your Light!

    I know you have been all waiting to see the pictures I took at the AYC. Thank you for your patience.
    I just posted the first few images and will be adding many many more streaming.

    Images of teachers will follow once I receive their approval to post them.

    Here is the Link to my page where I will be posting them continuously.




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