Video of the world’s best yogi

At this month’s Ashtanga Yoga Confluence, David Swenson told a joke.

OK, if you were there — or have studied with Swenson — you’ll know that, too, was a joke. Swenson told plenty of jokes (as, actually, did all five Confluence teachers,  Swenson just might have the biggest reputation as the joking yogi).

One of them related to judging a yoga competition; the U.S. national championships were taking place at the same time as the Confluence. He related how was asked once to be a judge; I believe he made a crack about being easy to buy off, but I can’t remember for sure.

I do know that he made a “speed yoga” joke about the world record for Ashtanga’s Primary Series being done in just a few minutes.

None of the teachers down right said, “Yoga competition? Puh-leeze,” but that was the impression I got from them.

And so it is with that opening that I present you video of the world’s best yogi, judging by his success in competitions. Please keep in mind, I’m not suggesting he’s not a great yogi or that his practice and form aren’t impressive. And I have no idea whether he’s got crazy inner tapas and a mindful life.

I’m just suggesting that for all of Ashtanga’s supposed attractiveness to “A Type” personalities, I don’t know many Ashtangis who are very supportive of yoga entering the Olympic Games.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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