Two great videos because this time change is a killer

I have seen Ashtangis of all shapes, stripes and “levels of proficiency” (whatever that means) complaining about one thing this week: the blasted time change.

You’d think none of us had ever been through it before.

Honestly, I can’t recall if last year’s Spring Forward was this much of a butt-kicker. Somehow it doesn’t seem so. Some folks are suggesting the mild winter, especially on the East Coast, has something to do with it.

Or maybe it is Mercury’s going retrograde. Or the whole Mayan end of the world giving us a taste of things to come.

Whatever it is, it stinks.

And so to motivate you, inspire you or just help you roll out of bed, here’s two videos: one of Guruji from Australia (with a younger Sharath doing some demonstrations, but I’m more interested in Guruji’s talking during the first half) and a second, which I’ve seen making the rounds this week, of the late Derek Ireland.

And Ireland:

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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