More video of Guruji, plus Nancy Gilgoff thoughts on Moon Days and Saturdays

A link to this video got passed to us through a Facebook message. It may have been up a few weeks, or maybe a couple of months, depending on the Youtube source. But if you haven’t seen it:

I’ll prod Bobbie today to get some thoughts up from the past few days of her clinic with Nancy Gilgoff. It is sounding amazing, and Bobbie has said that she’s learned a lot of good adjustment techniques that will be valuable for her teaching of relatively new students.

One thing I suppose I can note. Like many of you, I’ve been on Ashtanga retreats that either more or less ignored Moon Day rules; not Nancy’s. Bobbie left the house early this morning for a yin yoga practice. No Mysore today.

Wait, you’re saying! Nancy taught on Saturday at the Confluence. True. But — again, this is second-hand via Bobbie — Nancy said the picking of a day off each week by Guruji was arbitrary. So it sounds like we have some freedom to choose a different day off, if we want, and if we want to cite Nancy as a source. (And, probably, if we aren’t going to a shala that enforces Saturdays off.)

But, maintain those Moon Days!

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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