New Ashtanga YouTube channel promises lots of Lino Miele

First off, a shameless plug. We finally got around to creating a dedicated Twitter account. If you want to follow us on there (and we’ll follow you back, promise!), please do: Link right here.

Now, via that Twitter account, we just came across a “new” Youtube channel, which as of Saturday was promising effectively to broadcast a workshop going on with Lino Miele.

Neither Bobbie nor I know a ton about Lino, but what we have been hearing is extremely interesting. So we will be checking this channel out to see if we can learn more.

Here’s the first video and a link to the Ashtanga Yoga Estonia channel (as of this posting, there are four videos up):

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

One thought on “New Ashtanga YouTube channel promises lots of Lino Miele”

  1. Thanks for uploading this video! Wanted to go there, but did not manage. Lino is a great teacher, has hundreds of students, published many books. Good to know you are now aware of him :), indeed continents seems to be far away…

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