Sunday conversation: Bad practice habits

As Bobbie discussed in one of her posts from her clinic with Nancy Gilgoff, Nancy’s all about speed:

Nancy is actually connecting dinking with injury, and with incorrect breath: The luxurious–or worse, shallow–breath. “Move fast,” she says, “And move when the mind is free. It’s the resistance of the mind that causes injury.” If you were at The Confluence, you perhaps heard Nancy tell the story of Guruji pushing her totally flat in baddha konasna in a single breath. Maybe you’ll hear her tell the story yourself one day, but in the end, the breath and the practitioner need to be one and the same. You stop to think about slowly easing yourself to the floor in that pose, taking extra breaths, and the floor will slowly fall farther from you.

So to that end I’ll perform my next community service from my workshop, and say that the other thing Nancy was on the group for was the breath. Lengthening it? Not the point. Control it and deepen it. The entire Primary can be performed in an hour with deep, audible, fast breath.

Of course, we all fail to keep up that proper pace from time to time. There’s the brushing of the hair out of the face, the rearranging clothes or yoga rug or simply just the “I’m going to sit here for a second” pause.

You know what I’m talking about: The things that earn us a “Bad man!” or “Bad lady!”

Confession time, if you want: Do you have a bad “dinking” habit you know of (and are maybe trying to overcome)?

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

3 thoughts on “Sunday conversation: Bad practice habits”

  1. Kapotasana pee break?

    Occasionally it seems very important to me to ‘gnoll’ my mat; that is, fastidiously arrange it at right-angles to floor seams.

    Also, water bottles provide great opportunities for ‘dinking.’

  2. Leg behind head poses, headband comes off. That means that I *have* to fix it before titibhasana (it’s a mere coincidence that this is not my favorite pose).

    Then I have to pause before trying pincha, maybe straighten the mat, pause some more, etc. Basically after the leg behind the head stuff, it’s a festival of dinking.

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