Video flashback: Guruji and Richard Freeman

There’s something wonderful intimate about the following video. I realize it may be the lack of polish, but I think that actually adds to the experience of watching it. The changing focus and gaze of the camera seems to put you in the room.

And who wouldn’t want to be in this room? This video captures Guruji leading Richard Freeman through what I think of as Padmasana; the video calls it Jnana Mudra (the hand position for this part of the closing sequence, if I’m not mistaken).

I’m sure for at least a few of you that Guruji’s hand gesture will be familiar.

As the description notes, Richard takes 10 breaths in about three and a half minutes. Ladies and gentlemen, I think we officially can call that breath control.

Fun note: The guy who uploaded this video was in Tulum with me in 2011 for Tim Miller’s teacher training.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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