Sit back: 90 minutes of David Swenson practicing Advanced Series

One of the people Bobbie met at the Nancy Gilgoff clinic is out in the Coachella Valley.

Coachella? Yes, you just might have heard of it.

You can Google “Ashtanga Yoga Coachella” and should find the Facebook page for what looks to me — from a hundred miles away — like a wonderfully traditional and intimate space. The practice as Guruji taught it is happening there.

This morning, perhaps realizing I needed some extra mojo before the Led Primary — which I’m fixing to be late to if I don’t get moving — there was this video in my Facebook feed, courtesy of Ashtanga Yoga Coachella:

Only 25,000 have viewed it. It’s 90 minutes long, so I wonder how many of those have watched it all the way through. It opens with some classic Swenson discussion. And then: Bam! Advanced Series. And, just for good measure, David Williams is there, too.

Pretty decent spot for practice, I’d say. And no sticky mats?

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

3 thoughts on “Sit back: 90 minutes of David Swenson practicing Advanced Series”

  1. Reblogged this on ahimsamaven and commented:
    What an amazing, intimate look at Ashtanga yoga and how it works in the life of others. One gent is a physicist and it is interesting to listen to him explain his view on the connection between yoga and quantum mechanics.

  2. I watched all 90 minutes a while back and shared it with a few curious students at the time – but I’m glad you have reposted it here, Steve. I’m amazed more folks haven’t seen it – what with Kino coming out with her Advanced series video recently.

    Both videos are inspiring.

    But, if Advanced A being the “next second series” bums you out (as it sort of does me) then just consider this quote of Guruji’s to put it all into perspective: “Family life! Seventh Series, most advanced practice!”


  3. I agree I too get bored a bit with one practice and find the ccnneotions between all forms to be enlightening. I believe that as the world changes and new challenges present themselves the more we are open to new experiences and not closed off the more we will evolve and our spiritual capacity will grow. Sat Nam!

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