An Australian Take on the “Jois” Controversy

Tudor Jones, via The Telegraph

The Australian newspaper The Sunday Telegraph is running a story today on Sonja Tudor Jones, The Vanity Fair article, and Ashtanga in general. Strap yourselves in–it’s a bumpy ride. It’s always good to read descriptions of the practice that come from the outside, I think. The article is full of misunderstandings that range from slight to funny to “what?!” but seems to be trying really hard to give an overview of the problem. Of note is the reporter’s perception that Tudor Jones seems oblivious to the implications of the Vanity Fair article. Here’s a quote from her:

“Not everyone is going to like what we’re doing, and we know that,” she says. “Our goal is to start a meaningful conversation about Ashtanga yoga and invite discussions about how it can help people achieve a fit mind and body. There is no controversy – everybody in the Ashtanga community feels a special kinship, closeness and love for the Jois family. My support is from love and love alone for Guruji and his family.”

The online version is titled, “Peace, love and misunderstanding.” It’s sweeping in scope–maybe “sprawling” might be a better word. But it’s a perspective to be aware of, I think.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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