Take the challenge: No dinking, practice with your rug

We’re not going to promise that this challenge is going to let you pass Go on your way to Samadhi, but we think it might offer an interesting twist to your Ashtanga practice.

Following on a few things imparted by Nancy Gilgoff at both the Confluence and her weeklong clinic in Los Angeles, we encourage everyone to try to do the following with your practices:

  1. No dinking. This means moving from one pose to another in a single breath (even a half breath, for the seated poses, so you have time to bind when you get to the post). Try to avoid stopping to brush the hair out of your face, adjust your clothes or think about why in the world you ever started Ashtanga in the first place. See how much shorter your practice is. And see how your focus and dristi reacted.
  2. Lay down your yoga rug right away. In keeping with the “no dinking” mandate, try practicing on your yoga rug from the very start. If it’s good enough for Nancy and David Swenson, there must be something to it. At the least, it will keep you from reaching for it and setting it down mid-practice.

We’re finding it to be an interesting twist to the practice. And one that’s easy to fail to achieve (like… ready? … the practice itself).

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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