The reservation is made. We’re going to India for Sadhana

It’s probably too early to get excited, but we put down our $108 today to reserve two spots in the Namarupa Sadhana Yatra.

As we mentioned in the earlier post, we’d sent Eddie Stern an email to make sure the trip would be OK for “newbies.” He got back to us with an emphatic, “Yes.” And so we are planning to be in the south of India from about Dec. 22 to Jan. 10.

Too early to get excited, but we are anyway.

And a very auspicious day to put the money down: Hanuman Jayanti.

As a reminder, here’s the link to the trip information. And a little more than we provided before:

Sadhana Yatra Sadhana means spiritual practice. The intention of the Sadhana Yatra will be to go as much as possible as pilgrims to the sacred temples and, where permitted, to have darshan of the gods and goddesses. This will not be tourism. We will practice early morning yoga, take time for meditation, as well as discussions and explanations regarding our experiences. We will have ample time for the usual sightseeing, shopping and exploring that travellers enjoy. The pace will be relaxed, but this being India, one can expect the unexpected.
Tiruvannamalai: Retreat with Himalayan Swamijis
A number of Swamijis, gurubhais of Robert’s from his earlier days in India, will gather with us at the Sparsha Eco-Resort near Tiruvannamalai within view of the sacred mountain Arunachala. We will have satsang and hear about Yoga, Vedanta and puranic tales in informal groups with ample time for questions and discussion.
Govardhan Eco-village in Maharashtra: Bhakti Retreat
We will spend a few relaxing days in the devotional and environmentally conscious atmosphere of this Vedic-based community

The pilgrimage goes to some of India’s most devout, and biggest, festivals and ceremonies.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

6 thoughts on “The reservation is made. We’re going to India for Sadhana”

    1. We’re pretty excited. We’ll have to figure out how to cover it — I know Namarupa is planning to do so, too, so we’d defer to them.

      I’m already not looking forward to the suggested shots. Yes, that’s where my mind immediately goes. 🙂

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