Apparently, the first Jois Yoga studio is closing

I saw mention at Claudia’s site — where she’s been posting coverage from the opening of the Jois Yoga studio in Greenwich — that apparently the first of the Jois studios, in Islamorada, Fla., is closing.

Seems strange, right? Isn’t Jois Yoga expanding?

Well, whatever the reason, it appears true. There’s mention on the Jois Yoga Facebook page (a March 22 post, so this isn’t exactly new) and the Jois Yoga website has replaced Islamorada with Greenwich as a main link. (There’s still a page for Florida and its classes, but I’m assuming that’s going to disappear at some point.)

I don’t see any coverage or any explanation of it. I’ve heard — and this is very much third- or even fourth-party information — that attendance there has been fairly low. (It’s not exactly in a bustling city.) So perhaps the numbers just weren’t penciling out and with new studios on the horizon, the Tudor Joneses thought the investment would serve a better purpose elsewhere.

This closing is noteworthy, I think. It isn’t just that the first of the Jois studios is closing — although from a business perspective that does seem interesting — but that this is the one studio where Guruji was able to participate in the opening celebration. The comment from Jois Yoga on Facebook even notes that that fact makes it especially sad.

Given that, I’d assume that extra effort went into maintaining the studio’s viability. It must have been a long and hard decision. We’ll see if more about the reasons why appear.

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